Director: Osman Nail Doğan

Writer: Ahmet Uluçay

Producer: Neden Film Yapım – Ahmet Tarık Güven


Yakup is a village boy who is a shepherd around 15-16 years old and has never left his village. A railroad passes through the steppes where he herds his sheep. Yakup’s only connection with the outside world is this part of the railroad where only two trains pass by a day. Yakup’s life changes completely when he finds seashells in the middle of the steppe and falls in love with a city girl who throws him a white handkerchief from the train. Dreams of the sea, the Wise Person’s mystical stories woven with prophets, angels, jinn, fairies, and the dream of the girl he saw and fell in love with on the train, mixed with the influence of the village teacher, who had a special bond between them. Yakup is now in a story where dream and reality are mixed.