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Musa (11), lives with his father Beko (Bekir – 42), in a single-story mud-brick house in Keban town in Elazığ province. His father, who makes his living by running errands in rabbit-hound races, is told by the manager of a private education center that if he can get a medical report for his son, he can get a disability pension from the government. However, Musa has to take lessons from Nergis (11) about how to move and behave like a disabled child. Although he is afraid of being a disabled forever, he begins his education in the rehabilitation center where it’s hard to understand who is really disabled and who is not. He finds out that Nergis also has to pretend to be disabled because of her mother working at the center. Musa pulls Nergis into his dream of a rabbit empire founded in an old mine with all the rabbits Musa could save from the traps and the hound races. The two friends put up a dangerous fight to save the rabbits from traps and themselves from disability.

Director: Seyfettin Tokmak
Writer: Seyfettin Tokmak
Producer: Yaman Film Yapım – Seyfettin Tokmak




    Co-Production Award

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