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Nesrin (35), a young and idealistic criminal lawyer from a small town, spends her mornings in the courthouse, and her evenings in the hospital by her mother’s side who lives connected to the respirator. The film is set on the day of the verdict hearing for a murder suspect whom Nesrin labored for a long time. During the hearing, which was delayed due to the condition of the judge’s sick daughter, our trust in the defendant starts to change positively. However, as soon as the hearing takes a break, Nesrin learns through her own efforts that the suspect had actually committed the crime, but that he had had a virtuous cause. Upon this, Nesrin cannot figure out how to react, feeling stuck in between law and justice. As the hearing recommences, Nesrin intends to defend the suspect. Yet, it is apparent that the judge will decide against the defendant. Upon a violent dispute between the relatives of the parties, the judge postpones the announcement of the verdict. When Nesrin goes back to the hospital, she learns that she might be of help to the unwell daughter of the judge. Nesrin finds herself in a situation in which she must make a moral choice that will affect the lives of her mother, the judge, and the accused.

Director: Selman Nacar
Scriptwriter: Selman Nacar

Producer: Burak Çevik | Diloy Gülün




    Co-Production Award

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