Production Status: Completed


I am sure you have witnessed the lives that you can only say “pity”. You have encountered situations that you think there is nothing to do, just like me … This movie; it was imagined as a film that says there is something to do even in such desperate situations. Just Different; a father-son story. Father’s child, child’s father had to be; a story that tries to define love unusually… Our character Fikret; is a “strange” one. A man who has a job, education, family, home, car, but doomed to stay “strange” for your social life … It is possible in his routine life that his father and now his wife have built for him despite all his strangeness. Well, what if he breaks down for a routine reason … With a father who doesn’t even know what his problem is; Just Different is the story of his son who struggles to keep his father in life when he doesn’t know what’s wrong…

Director/Producer: Ahmet Sönmez
Scriptwriter: Nalan Merter Savaş
Cinematographer: Hayk Kirakosyan
Executive Producer: Ergin Yılmazer
Art Director: Aysun Özdemir
Music: Alpay Göltekin, Caner Özkan, Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı
Editor: Yakup Baysal
Sound Design: Umut Şenyol
Color Editor: Mehmet Göksu

Ömer Akgüllü
Vildan Atasever
Aybars Kartal Özson
Meral Çetinkaya

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