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The wish of Refik, who has a terminal illness, is to have a happy holiday with his children and wish them halalness. Ihsan, who is not interested in Refik, asks his father to take over the deeds of the fields in the village to start a new business. Refik says that he can do this with the consent of his daughters. Refik gives money to his caretaker, Syrian Gulizar, so that they can go abroad. But the woman leaves her two sons to Refik and disappears. When Nalân finds his father with two children, he is surprised what to do. Father daughter search for woman in Basmane. İhsan secretly leaves the children, whom he thinks to be a burden on his father, to Gülizar’s neighbor. On the first day of the feast, children who see the newly excavated grave during their visit to the cemetery talk about their father’s death for the first time. Disagreements between them emerge. Refik’s eldest daughter, Ayhan, is against giving the fields to İhsan. Inability to cut the pregnant victim increases the tension. Unable to explain his illness, Refik quietly leaves his children fighting to find the orphans.

Director: Tunç Davut
Writers: Tunç Davut, Sinem Altındağ
Producer: Tekhne Film Yapım – Tunç Davut, Sinem Altındağ




    Co-Production Award

  • 42. Cinemed Festival

    CNC Award

  • 42. Cinemed Festival

    Sound Production Award

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