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Fearless Syrian refugee child, Ahmed, who tries to see the world with one eye. The Muslim young man, Fatih, who is about to make a forced marriage. An independent, eager young Christian woman, Selin. Paths of three characters, all need fleeing to Europe, intersect in Istanbul, when a Muslim and a Christian family elders die at the same hospital at the same time, and the bodies of these old ladies are mixed so that one is accidentally buried in place of the other. With the help of the Syrian refugee boy Ahmed – who just joins the gang named “Ruin” that uses children for snatching, and smuggling people- they plan steeling the precious brooch of the Christian lady in the coffin, so that they could pay for their way to Italy by the illegal refugee boat, departing from the Aegean Coast. The refugee boat sinks. Many lives submerge in deep waters. What is left behind is the stories of the three characters. Events re-told from their personal views; blurred traces of right and wrong, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, limits and possibilities, fear and courage, what goes away and what’s left behind, birth and death… blurred traces of all… Ruin…

Director: Senem Bay
Scriptwriter: Senem Bay
Producer: Senem Bay | Murat Erdağı | Sena Altundağ




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