Production Status: Completed


When his father, who went to Russia for work, could not send money home for a long time, Ahmet starts to work after the school at a mini-market in the luxury site, near the shanty neighbourhood where they live. Falling in love with his classmate Kezban, Ahmet decides to learn how to play basketball when he finds her interest in Erhan, who came to school one day with basketball equipment and clothes. However, there is an important problem to solve: there is no basketball pot in their neighbourhood where they can play basketball. Ahmet tries to find a way to overcome this barrier.

Director: Ahmet Toklu
Producer:Recep Toklu, Halil Kardaş
Scriptwriter:Ahmet Toklu
DoP:Ender Ercan
Editing: Özgür Kılıç
Music:Kenan İşan

Alp Akar
Bahar Hacıbektaşoğlu
Mert Erdoğdu
Egemen Almacı
Sait Yüksel
Samet Sevtekin
Mehmet Halil Çelik



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