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Mercan (13); is the only child of a mother who cleans in sewing shop at nights and a father who works as a watchman at the constructions. He has worked in many different jobs from an early age. Now he collects and sells scrap from the streets. Dolphin (13); His parents lost their lives as a result of an armed attack that broke out at a wedding where they were playing music years ago. Coming from a Romanian family, Yunus lives with his old grandfather and plays the clarinet in the streets since he was very young. Bilal (13); Bilal’s parents, who are the children of a family that fled the war in Syria, stayed in Syria and live with his uncle who managed to escape from the war and earn a living by collecting paper. Mercan, Yunus and Bilal… They are three friends with different family origins. They go on a journey with a white racing pigeon they take with them. At the end of the one-day journey, they have only one goal: to participate in pigeon races and to save Bilal’s parents who are in the war with the money they will win.

Director: Nursen Çetin Köreken
Writer: Nursen Çetin Köreken
Producer: Dramayapım Film – Nursen Çetin Köreken




    Pre-Purchase Award

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