Production Status: Project


Musa, an old and stubborn man, has lost wife in the city where they live as refugees. He wants to bury her body in the land she was born and raised upon his promise to her and he takes the road with his granddaughter Halime. Bus and truck drivers don’t want to take these two refugees travelling with a coffin. Because of poverty, they have to keep going on foot. But the coffin can’t withstand being dragged and the road conditions for long and it starts to fracture and break off after a while. In addition to these problems, with the debility of old age and the weakness of his granddaughter, Musa tries to reach the border in difficult weather conditions. Furthermore, the conflicts along the border are still on.

Director: Bekir Bülbül
Writer: Büşra Bülbül – Bekir Bülbül
Producer: Mayıs Film – Büşra Bülbül


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