Director: Umut Beşkırma

Producer: Nihan Belgin

Scriptwriter: Umut Beşkırma


A young boy is tumble into a car crash and brought to the police station to be testified. He captured a huge stone beneath his car which is on the middle of the road, luckily he get off lightly harmed. However, he couldn’t manage to get the precautions just after the accident, he couldn’t put the reflector so that another car crashed into his. Because of this heavy crash a mother and her little boy seriously injured and got into intensive care. Young boy was drunk when he was driving. The alcohol control which should be done in the scene, will be done at the police station because their alcohol meter was broken. As soon as the parents get the news, they come in the station. The father stops his son to blow the alcohol meter and he tries to save his son from the punishment by using his influential relationships. Meanwhile the husband of the injured women comes to the police station to get the details and he came across with the young boy.