Director: Zafer Yaşlı
Producer: Zafer Yaşlı, Ensar Kaygusuz
Scriptwriter: Zafer Yaşlı


Tired of the city’s turmoil, Taner wants to taken in the arms of nature at the weekend and sets off in his car for a plateau he has never been to before. Extraordinary events begin to occur when he leaves the main road and turn to the plateau. At first he refuses to accept the otherworldly things he is experiencing,
but as they continue he finds himself spiraling further and further into a panic. He can not make sense of the happening is a game of his mind or an image of an alternative reality that cannot be explained by known physics rules. While everything seems to be over, Taner finds himself in a labyrinth without an exit. Taner, lost his sense of reality has only way for salvation; the tear in the fabric of reality.