Director: Banu Sıvacı

Scriptwriter: Banu Sıvacı

Producer: Zeynep Koray


SUNA (52) is a successful prima donna. She lives alone with her cat in Istanbul. Suna who has lived all her life in a circle of music, can’t finalize her last album record because she needs to find one last song. The fact that the launch date of the album is approaching, is huge pressure on Suna. Her brother AYHAN (44) who still lives in the village where she was born, invites her to his son’s wedding. Suna takes off for the village. After her sister’s uncovered disappearance and the assumption that she fell into a sinkhole full of water, she has always lived with doubt inside of her. This doubt and the anger that she feels towards his father alienated her from her motherland. During this journey, Suna will on one hand go through unexpected encounters with the suspect of her sister’s death BEKİR (80) and his daughter FİDAN (22), on the other hand, she will approach her inner world and finally find the song that she is looking for.