Director: Onur Hüseyin Kılınç
Producer: Onur Hüseyin Kılınç
Scriptwriter: Onur Hüseyin Kılınç


Sabri is a security guard who is suffering from insomnia. He is grumpy, selfish and pensive. Grandma Ayşe, who lives with Sabri, doesn’t understand Sabri’s illness. She thinks, If Sabri gets married, his life will be better and she will get rid of him.

The right candidate for marriage, Tuğçe, tries to keep their relationship well. Sabri’s unsteady life and impatience do not let him trust Tuğçe.

Sabri wants to get close to photographer Zehra as he thinks that she is strangely interested in him. He is unaware the risk of a possible traumatic experience caused by his condition.

Sabri wants to get rid of his trauma and forget everything to have a deep sleep. However, he suddenly has a nervous breakdown because of Ayşe’s annoying personality and asthma attacks.