Director: Gamze Sarıkoca

Producer: Gamze Sarıkoca

Scriptwriter: Gamze Sarıkoca


Name, who is passionately attached to music is extremely sensitive to the sounds, images, and people within the life. She is a lonely and melancholic woman who struggles to follow her dreams. When she turns forty, she feels herself at a critical juncture with no return: she becomes stuck between getting married, having children, and continuing her job in the city, or settling in a town in a coast and living her life by writing lyrics as she dreamed of. While she feels the social acceptances, her mother’s expectations, the roles that were attributed to her and the hormonal pressure deeply, she is extremely terrified of making a choice and facing the consequences of that choice. Because, when she comes out of all the roles, she is not sure “who” she is and what she wants. Just at this point, life gives her a big chance. However, she pays this with the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Name starts a surreal journey in her life portrait among different notes, accompanied by the lyrics of Bülent Ortaçgil, whom she loves very much.