Director: Nesimi Yetik

Writer: Nesimi Yetik – Betül Esener Yetik

Producer: Özminimalist Film – Nesimi Yetik


The film is made up of three separate stories titled “Share”, “Skirt” and “Conscience”. The stories transpire during autumn, at the same village, in the same timeframe, and are connected to one another with small links. Three different households in a small village, and lives touching one another. A father and son, a wife and husband, a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Humans’ attitude towards being old and young. Humans’ attitude towards dying old and young. A rifle stolen from the gendarmerie station near the village connects these stories together. In “Share”, Eyüp, a 40-something man is aware of the irreversibility of his life he has spent at the village for his father, who now has one foot in the grave. In “Skirt”, Reşit is a man in his sixties, but young at heart. His wife Selvi is a young woman not yet 30. She is sick in bed. Reşit has married Selvi after his wife’s death, so that she would take care of him in the final days of his life. However, Selvi got sick in a short while and now Reşit is taking care of her. In “Conscience”, Sultan is a young woman who has not reached her thirties. With her bedridden mother-in-law in the village house…