Director: İsmail Güneş

Scriptwriter: İsmail Güneş

Producer: Aynur Güneş | İsmail Güneş


İbrahim lives with his crippled father İsmail in an old village house. While dealing with wild animals that won’t leave his chickens alone, İbrahim also has to find a way to hospitalize his father. He’s so poor that his wife has left and he can’t even buy his daughter a notebook. A letter arrives from his soldier son, but he hasn’t sent his paycheck as hoped. They’re also unable to withdraw his father’s pension. While at the bank, a customer has a heart attack. During that chaos, they accidentally pick up the man’s bag, filled with money. In a town shaken by martyrs and poverty, İbrahim is faced with a difficult choice. He thinks their only salvation will be his son continuing his military service. But he cannot call and writes him a letter instead. His father’s death reunites him with his wife. But he is forced to choose between poverty and enough money to last them a lifetime. He gives in to his conscience and delivers the bag to the police station. While İbrahim is trying to recover, soldiers come to his house. He thinks it’s about the money, but the situation turns out to be quite unexpected.