Director: Mehmet Akif Güler

Producer: Mahmut İslam Bilir, Rumman Yapım

Scriptwriter: Mehmet Akif Güler


Davut lives in a village in Anatolia close to the city. He is one of the bards of the village. However, because someone in the village got offended because of the word he said in the bard contest, Davut left his bardship a long time ago. He goes to the city with his portable sharpening machine and makes his living by selling knives, scissors and sharpening them. One day, he gets caught in the middle of an event. A young man involved in a fight takes Davut’s scissors and runs towards the person they chased. Davut worries about the possibility of harming someone’s life with his scissors. He investigates if something has happened to anyone and searches for scissors. He finds out that someone has died and he finds the scissors thrown under the bridge. The fact that two people’s bond with his words in poetry and a person’s life break off with his scissors leads Davut to a deep thought. He decides not to use his tongue anymore and never do the sharpening again. But an incoming news will once again reveal the essence of everything and who uses it for what is the main issue.