Director: Merve Çaydere Dobai
Producer: Merve Çaydere Dobai
Scrptwriter: Merve Çaydere Dobai, Dragos Andrei Dobai


Bean is one of four kittens who were born on a sack of coffee beans, in an abandoned basement. She is shy compared to her siblings but very curious. One day, while her mother is away searching for food, a feather that drifts into the room distracts Bean and makes her fall from the sack. Following the feather that’s drifting away in the room with the help of the wind coming from the window, Bean finds herself lost in a street in Istanbul. Not knowing what to do, Bean starts walking on the street, hungry. While Bean is sitting next to a beggar who fed her, she smells coffee in the air and suddenly starts running to Cemile’s coffee house where the coffee smell reminds her of peaceful days with her mother. She makes this place her permanent home.