Director: Mehmet Eryılmaz
Producer: Aslı Akdağ
Scriptwriter: Gülden Çakır, Mehmet Eryılmaz


“Zeynep and Musa” is a love story that has taken place in Mardin – Midyat region in Anatolia in 11. Century. Musa, in his 50’s, is an eminent scholar of his time specialized in astronomy, poetry and philosophy. And Zeynep is a 25-year-old, active young girl living with her uncle in a mansion. She is interested in poetry and philosophy, she reads and writes books. Her uncle thinks that it would be helpful for her to take lessons from Musa in order for developing her education in her field. Musa and Zeynep are impressed by each other in their first meeting in the mansion. Their distant relationship in the beginning turns into a love affair in time. Of course, this is a forbidden and secret relationship. Even though they try to hide it, their relationship is somehow being sensed and revealed.
They have to separate. Zeynep cannot bear not to see him and she leaves home, too. Musa thinks that her uncle is jealous of Zeynep more than expected from a relative. They get married to legalize their relationship in every aspect.