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We hear a frightening storm whistling on the black screen. There is some snow on the ground. We see a man from behind, running in a panic and holding a six-month-old baby. Behind him run Nermin and another woman whom we see also from behind. They reach by a horse. Together, and with a notable hurry, they rip baby’s clothes off. The baby is now fully naked. Nermin holds the baby. Nermin places the baby face down on the horse. The other woman takes some sheets out of the pack she carries. They tie the baby to the horse with sheets. They adjust it so that only the baby’s mouth remains open. Then they drag the horse out of the stable, holding its reins. There, under the moonlight, on the white snow, stands the horse with the baby tied on its back. The horse has tears in its eyes. Our movie opens with this scene since this incident is the crux of our story. When the owner of the horse farm Ms. Nermin dies, her only heir Ms. Melike decides to sell all the horses.

Director: Atalay Taşdiken
Producer: Atalay Taşdiken
Scriptwriter: Atalay Taşdiken




    Pre-Buy Award

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