Production Status: Post Production


Cemal lives with his mother Zeynep in a cute house in Berlin, Germany. Cemal is a very good child with plants. He grows plants and flowers in the small garden he established himself in the area in front of his house. He is also a brilliant student at the Cemal school. However, the fact that she has become an increasingly nerdy boy recently has disturbed her teacher Tanja. Another school day, which seems ordinary, cannot be based on the bad behavior of two friends of Cemal’s plants put on the glass of his class and comes out in a melee. At the insistence of the school principal, his teacher decides to call Cemal’s mother to school after this incident. When Zeynep comes to school, she tells that Cemal recently changed a little after losing her father in a traffic accident, but it will be fixed. The manager is not convinced. However, she asks Zeynep Cemal to bring her school plants home. While Cemal garden is dealing with flowers, he falls down and hits his face. She takes her mother to the hospital. The doctor in the hospital suspects domestic violence and calls the youth office, and Cemal’s life suddenly turns upside down. He is forcibly taken from his home and brought to the orphanage. It is taken from here and given to a foster family. Can Cemal, whose only wish to live with his mother, be able to achieve this desire?

Producer/Director: Erkan Karabağ
Director: Talip Karamahmutoğlu
Story: Erkan Karabağ
Scriptwriter: Serkan Özaslan, Hilal Çelenk
Music: Tamer Çıray
Editing: Fevzi Uludağ, Engin Öztürk
General Coordinator: Rabia Bilen

Erkan Petekkaya
Esra İnal
Hakan Oğurlu
Reiner Wagner
Bruno Eyrno
Wilma Elles


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