TRT Co-Production ”Between Two Dawns” was Selected as the Best Film in Italy

The TRT Co-production “Between Two Dawns” won the “Best Film” award at the 39th Turin Film Festival, one of the most important film festivals in Europe.

The TRT Co-Production “Between Two Dawns” directed by Selman Nacar and produced by Burak Cevik and Diloy Gülün won the “Best Film” award at the 39th Turin Film Festival, one of the leading festivals in Italy. In the festival, which was held between November 26-December 4, in Italy, Turin, where 12 films took part in its main competition, the “Best Film” award was for the film “Between Two Dawns”.

“Incredible Directing Skills”

The first feature film of director Selman Nacar, ”Between Two Dawns”, was highly praised by the festival jury. As a justification for awarding the film, the jury expressed their opinion by saying: “A film that makes you laugh, feel and surprise, which manages to tell a convincing story with its outstanding writing and directing skills. It is a mature film that is directed wisely, with dignity and reveals a new great talent.”.

“Festival Journey Goes On”

The film, shot in four weeks in Uşak in July and August of 2019, is about the moral predicament that will affect the dreams, family and wife of the injured worker after a worker was injured in Kadir’s factory. The film will be screened at the 21st Eskişehir Film Festival and the 10th Malatya Film Festival in the coming days.

Awards from the Most Important Film Festivals Around the World

The film “Between Two Dawns” had previously returned with awards from the 58th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, the 9th Bosphorus Film Festival, the 17th Free Zone Film Festival and the 39th Turin Film Festival. It was screened at the 69th San Sebastian Film Festival, the 45th Sao Paolo Mostra Film Festival, the 32nd Ankara Film Festival, the 22nd Arras Film Festival, the 7th Lima Semana Del Cine Film Festival and the 26th Rover Festival.