Countdown for “12 Punto 2022” Has Started!

Turkey’s biggest script development and co-production platform “12 Punto 2022”, will be held for the 4th time this year. The event, which will be held on 19th to 26th June, will bring together the leading names of world cinema.

“12 Punto 2022”, which is the first and only project for the cinema industry in Turkey, begins. The event, which will be held on 3 different platforms with the participation of directors, producers and film industry professionals from 16 different countries between 19-26 June, will bring together the leading names of world cinema in Istanbul.

TRT General Manager Mehmet Zahid Sobacı shared on his social media account that the date of the event was announced and said, “Turkey’s largest script development and co-production platform 12 Punto, organized by TRT Cinema, will be held between 19-26 June this year in Istanbul with the participation of important representatives of the cinema industry from 16 countries.”

The most important names of world cinema at “12 Punto 2022”

12 Punto 2022 will host film professionals from different geographies of the world this year. Filmmakers from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Qatar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine, Sweden, USA, Bulgaria, Israel, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey will meet at 12 Punto 2022.

Within the scope of 12 Punto 2022, masterclasses, panels and presentations with the directors of the most important institutions of the world cinema industry will be held at Feriye Cinema in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. The event will also be broadcast live on the social media accounts of 12 Punto 2022. In addition to screenings of award-winning international films co-produced by TRT, interviews will be held with the directors and producers of the films.

What will happen in 12 Punto 2022?

The owners of 12 feature film projects selected for 12 Punto 2022 between 19-26 June will hold special meetings with script consultants and attend workshops with marketing and presentation consultants. 3 projects selected by the international jury members from among the 12 finalist projects will receive the “TRT Co-Production Award”, 3 projects the “TRT Pre-Buy Award” and 6 projects the “TRT Project Development Award”. The awards will find their owners at the closing and award ceremony to be held on the evening of June 26. The “TRT International Co-Production Awards”, which will be given for the third time this year, will also be distributed at the award ceremony. This award will be given to international projects in which Turkish producers are partners.

The owners of the projects that won the “TRT Short Film Production Award” within the scope of 12 Punto 2022 will also develop their scenarios together with the leading directors and screenwriters of Turkish cinema.

12 Punto 2022 special broadcast every evening on TRT 2

“12 Punto 2022 Special” will be broadcast on TRT 2 every evening between 19-26 June at 19.00. The program will feature interviews with 12 Punto finalists, developments regarding the event, interviews and masterclasses with award-winning directors and producers of Turkish cinema.

Details on the events that address every aspect of the cinema industry such as directing, producing, scriptwriting, marketing, festivals, distribution, animation, film funds and important stages in the production process of a film will be announced at in the coming days.