The winner of the 2022 TRT EAVE Scholarship is announced

The person who is entitled to have the “EAVE TRT Scholarship”, which is given for the second time this year, is a producer named Halil Kardaş. From 51 countries, 186 applications came to have the 2022 EAVE Producers Workshop education. Among them, 56 producers from 36 different countries, were awarded the professional EAVE Scholarships.

EAVE is one of Europe’s leading producer training programs, created by a unique network of over 2200 producers. EAVE has been constantly reviewing its educational activities in order to strengthen European independent productions in order to successfully compete in European and global markets in recent years and to contribute to the sustainability and competitiveness of producers by reinforcing their creative, managerial and financial skills; is preparing new workshop programs.

EAVE, which was founded in 1988 and participated in programs organized for producers in Europe, South America, Arab World, Asia, Africa and Russia by collaborating with a wide network around the world, to create professional training opportunities and to bring together producers from different parts of the world to establish co-production relations. aims to facilitate.

EAVE 2022 Producers Workshop will be held in 3 sessions; Luxembourg (4-11 March), Pärnu, Estonia (10-17 June) and Barcelona, Spain (17-24 October).

For further information: EAVE