Director: Cemil Ağacıkoğlu
Producers: Sezgi Üstün San, Özlem Özçelik
Scriptwriter: Cemil Ağacıkoğlu


“Reeds” is a story about a young man deeply devoted to his wife, drifting to a different direction when faced with persecution; and an adventure about the obscurity of human nature.

Hasan is an ordinary villager. He tries to make a living by selling the reeds he harvests under the oppression of a gang that makes life miserable for people at the lake. He wants to cut more reeds and make more money to rescue his estranged wife from poverty. With this hope, he cuts reeds all day long.

One morning, when he goes to the lake, he sees that his rowboat is broken and sunken in the water. Desperately, he goes back home, but Aysel is fed up with Hasan’s weakness. She decides to work at the reed warehouse of the gang like other women. In an effort to win Aysel back, Hasan loads his entire harvest and sets off for another town to sell it, but he is held up by the gang on the way. He does not give in, and watches all his hard work being burnt by these bullies. He takes refuge in the lake because he is too embarrassed to face his wife.

The next day, as he wanders around the lake, he comes across Kadir, one of Yahya’s men. Hasan causes Kadir to fall on reeds with tips as sharp as spears. He goes near him to help. However, seeing Kadir in such a vulnerable state arouses different feelings in Hasan. He watches Kadir die in convulsions. It is the first time he has felt something other than fear and self-pity. Hasan kills Mehmet, another member of the gang when he discovers Kadir’s body. When rumors about the curse of the lake become the talk of the village swerving fear in another direction, Hasan takes action to take revenge from Yahya. But he does not know that Nezih is watching him from among the reeds.